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Downloading Instructions

The Beginners Guide to FTP

If you are familiar with FTP you probably do not need this tutorial. You can use any FTP client you want. This is an introductory tutorial for people who are new to using FTP software. 

Filezilla is a popular free FTP program that makes it easy for you to download files from Renderon.

FileZilla supports Mac, Windows and Linux. 

Step 1. Install

You may download Filezilla from

Following the installation wizard:

Step 2. Open FileZilla

After installation, you will see a shortcut on desktop, double click on it to open the software.

In the FileZilla menu at the top of the program go to File > Site Manager. Then go through these 5 steps:

  1. Click New Site.
  2. Add a custom name for this site like 'Renderon FTP'.
  3. Add the 'Host' name Renderon gave you probably into the 'Host:' box
  4. Set the Logon Type to "Normal" and then insert your FTP username and password that was provided by Renderon. 
  5. Press the "Connect" button & accept any 'certificate warnings' that appear.
  6. Now that the site and password are saved you only need to double click the name in 'Site Manager' to connect in the future.

Step 3. Download files

Once connected on the left-hand side, you have the files from your computer

On  the right-hand side, you have the files from Renderon's FTP server.  



Downloading files

To download a file from the Renderon server, right click on the file and choose Download. Or simply drag and drop from the right to the left (this is probably the easiest). You can download multiple files at once. Or even download a WHOLE folder with one click! Make sure to remember where you saved them on your computer.


Extracting Files

Renderon often compresses it's files in the .RAR format. This allows the compression of very large files into many smaller numbered pieces for easy upload and download. If you do not have a program on your computer that can open .RAR files you can download WINRAR from here for free:

Once installed on your computer click on any of the .RAR files that you downloaded from Renderon on your computer. Winrar will open and you will see the file or files contained within your selected .RAR archive.  Simply click the 'Extract To" button and then click 'OK' and all the numbered .RAR files will 'uncompress' to your selected folder.